Laboratory Testing

More than 20 tests need to be performed for each cord blood units before it is distributed for use, including infectious diseases tests, HPC tests, HLA typing et al.

ELISA test
ELISA test: antibody and antigen are detected for HBV, HCV, HIV, CMV and syphilis.

Sterility test
Sterility test: aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and fungi are tested with automatic culture system.

Nucleic acid test
Nucleic acid test: HBV DNA, HCV RNA and HIV RNA are tested using Roche screening system. Window period for virus testing is shortened and the safety of the cord blood product is ensured.

CFU-GM test
HPCs culture: CFU-GM culturing is conducted in vitro for a period of 14 days to assess the proliferation activity and differentiation capacity of HPCs.

CD34+ cell test
CD34+ cell test: flow cytometry is used to determine the percentage of hematopoietic stem cells contained in the cord blood unit.